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Palawan... Butterfly Paradise DVD cover image

2004,  42 minutes

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The first of our films to be shot and edited entirely on Digital Video (DV).

It shows the butterflies of Palawan, the most westerly island of the Philippines, exceptionally rich in butterflies, having more species than all North America.

The film describes how the butterflies might have got there, from where, and when, with many maps of their distribution, as well as explaining how the movement of the continental Plates, and the last great Ice Age, have influenced the composition of Palawan’s butterfly population. Mimicry, migration, endemism, and other aspects of butterfly distribution and behaviour are described in simple language.


As David Attenborough commented:

"As with all your films… it brings an extraordinary tranquil joy and unhurried contemplative pleasure… sheer delight… One can watch it again and again"